Predator® Thermal II ELITE600

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The world's first thermal reactive metal target!

Single target to complete a pack or to use alone.

Product intended for shooting training in all calibers with weapons equipped with thermal sighting optics.

Target with faithful anatomical dimensions, on the Predator® registered model (standing shooter)

Strong points :

- Realistic heat target, head heater, non-destructive device

- Impact detection with illumination of 2 RGB LEDs (consumable in case of direct impact)

- Use of a BOSCH Professional 18V removable battery

- 2.4GHz radio communicating reactive target

- Simple association of several targets to take advantage of several operating modes and exercises


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QUARTZ SYSTEMES - Predator® Thermal II ELITE600 (Standing shooter target)

Allowing to generate 5 exercise modes including a standard mode of simple impact detection.

Thermal version equipped with a non-destructive electronic heating system.

Intelligent management of energy consumption.

Powered by BOSCH Professional 18V Li-ion removable battery, BOSCH Professional mains charger included.

Impact detector, long-range 2.4Ghz LoRa radio with double RGB LED indicator lights that can be easily replaced in the event of an impact.

Delivered with :

- Target with 2 indicator lights installed

- 1 BOSCH Professional 18V 5AH battery

- 1 BOSCH Professional charger

- Its armored support

- Wooden rafter 147cm


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