Predator 10:15 OnFoot BASIC500

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Claim the original: KING GONG metal shooting target made on the Predator® model, a real-size visual with extremely accurate proportions, reduced to the 10:15 scale, gong type with a dimension of 528x284mm in Hardox 500 of 10mm. KING GONG Hooker type mounting and KING GONG OnFoot ground support

BASIC500: Compatible with all calibres up to 12.7x99mm NATO, standard abrasion resistance

Comes complete with target, KING GONG Hooker mounting hook, KING GON ProtecWood chevron protection, KING GONG OnFoot Light base, hardware

Requires a 75x63mm standard wood chevron not included


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Hardox 600
Surface Treatment
Rustproof Primer