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Pack RGB Erasable Chalk Paint

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Water-washable paint spray, ideal for KING GONG target stencils or for ground markings of drills.

Colors : 2 x Red / 2 x Green / 2 x Blue

MTN Chalk has a texture similar to chalk except that its alcohol-based formula allows the paint to be quickly dry to the touch. To erase it, nothing is simpler because it is soluble in water, a water spray and a damp cloth are enough.


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Its characteristics are as follows:
• Fast drying. No dust left by pigments on the surface
• Water-soluble: can be easily washed with water on many surfaces (concrete, metals, wood, plastics ...)
• Scratch resistant: once the paint dries the support can be handled without fears
• Matte and opaque rendering
• Biodegradable: It is not harmful for the environment.

400ml classical spray can.

Legal content: dangerous, observe the precautions for use.The safety data are detailed in the pictures of the product.